US Patent for Gistele Abinet Internal Network System

The innovative Abinet network system developed by Gistele has been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Abinet is an internal web solution already in practice for organizing electronic student papers in more than 20 Finnish high schools. Abinet is a reliable and safe system that is designed to last in use. Also it is very easy to install, and thanks to its good usability, it is easy to internalize the operation of the system without any special IT skills.
Abinet solution has a wide range of applications
Thanks to its simple usability, high reliability and easy portability, the Abinet can be used in other applications in the future. "For example, various video game events, mobile barracks and future electronic elections are areas where an easy-to-install internal network is possible," says Tapio Aro-Heinilä, Sales Director at Gistele.
The patent opens up new opportunities
The patent application process in the US is not the easiest as standards are high and applications numerous. However, after about 1.5 years, the scourge was bearing fruit, and the Abinet innovation is now protected in the United States against possible copying. In the future, the patent will open up opportunities for Gistele in the US market. It is also a clear sign that Finnish innovation expertise is valued in the US with Abinet.